10 Royalty Free Image Sources to Consider in 2018

Finding the right royalty free image source is a big deal! Here are the best image sources to consider this year!

When choosing photos, icons, graphics, illustrations for your website, ecommerce site, blog, social media platform, ebook, marketing campaign, and etc. it is really important to choose photos you can legally use. Maybe you have been paying $1 or more per photos and now you want to cut down the costs and you are looking for a proper solution. Did you know that there are absolutely free photos you can use?

Yes, there are free image sources that can help you find the perfect photo you need for your upcoming project. Copyright restrictions should be taken seriously, especially the owner of the copyright. Finding a photo online from a social media post, a website or a blog doesn’t give you the right to use or edit the photo in any way.


As a matter of fact, a lot of bloggers and website owners have been involved in litigation because they have used photos which they were never given the legal right to use, therefore, they were not compliant with copyright restrictions. You need to understand one thing – until the creator of the photo gives you the right to use their original work, your use of that photo places your website, your blog, and your project at risk for serious financial consequences. You need to be really careful when using photos from the web.

Just think about it – would you be fine with someone stealing your creativity and your work? You probably be upset or furious about it. For professional photographers, their motivation is the photos they create. Even though these photos usually become unauthorized, however, they are used in many articles, blog posts, presentations, and etc. Because of this, these photographers will do just anything to protect their work and interests, including suing the website and its owner for using their photos without a written consent.

We are saying all of this to prepare you properly for using photos from the web. This does not mean that you can’t find great stock photography websites. We are going to present you a list of the best royalty free image sources which can help you find enticing, appropriate, and high-quality photos for your online content without risking the reputation or litigation.

Even though free photos are available online, it is really important that you as a website owner pay attention to restricted use terms and conditions.

Let’s start:

1. Burst – This is a top-notch destination for royalty free images and it is highly recommended for bloggers.
2. Fancy Crave – This website collaborates with creative and independent photographers. Here you can find amazing photos suitable for social media, web design, marketing, and etc.
3. Gratisography – If you are looking for a statement photo, look no further as this is the perfect site for you. Here you can find amazing content for blog articles, ebooks, and social media memes.
4. ISO Republic – The photos are divided into different categories such as technology, drink, city, architecture, urban, and etc.
5. Pexels – This site chooses photos from different sources and offers the photos in one easy-to-navigate site.

6. Picjumbo – This website can offer you 16 different categories filled with amazing royalty free images.
7. Raw Pixels – This website offers both free and premium photos available for personal and commercial use.
8. SplitShire – One of the best websites on the market for businesses and business owners on a budget.
9. Unsplash – If you need a stunning backdrop or a book cover, this is the perfect place for you.
10. Bing Search – Search whatever type of photo you are looking for, Bing Search can offer you anything.

By using any of these stock photography websites, you gain immediate access to amazing photos that can improve your online content without putting your website or blog at risk.



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